Ublimé is a recurring figure in my work and pivotal character in the worldbuilding exercises of Queer Utopic Architectural Space: Ublimé is a trans(everythinged) trickster figure emerging from the tradition of electively masked  identity through fullbody covering (the Tapada). Ublimé is an everyperson for a vision of queer futurity. Initially developed in Ublimé and her Epic Yawn, a text and performance piece shown in Colombia, Montreal and Copenhagen, Ublimé offers a glimpse into another world: a world free from the capitalist impulse, heteronormative  drive and an orientation towards material  success. In Ublimé and her Epic Yawn, we learned that the secret to entering this sphere is through the act of yawning the literal and figurative opening up of the body. Ublimé presents as both an allegorical figure where needed, but also as a monad, Liebniz’s notion turned by Deleuze and Guattari into the idea of a unique instance of being and becoming in a field of potential/virtaulity.